Wednesday, May 20, 2009

US-Hearings on biofuel issues this week

Environment & Energy Daily reports that the US House Agriculture Committee is holding a hearing on Thursday to discuss the recent California Air Resources Board decision on low-carbon fuels, as well as efforts to impose low-carbon fuel standards on a national level.

Panel members will also discuss indirect land use and the ethanol blend wall, according to committee aides. At the same time, the House Small Business Committee will hold its own hearing on bio-fuels and will take a broader look at regulatory issues that affect the domestic industry.

The House Energy and Commerce Committee also marks up its climate bill this week but has decided to remove a requirement for low-carbon fuels that had been in previous drafts of the legislation as part of their concessions to moderate and conservative lawmakers. However, some lawmakers are still concerned the LCFS could surface again in the continuing climate debate in the House and Senate. (19 May 2009)

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