Saturday, May 16, 2009

BP warns against misunderstanding biofuels - Biofuel Review

12/05/2009 (Biofuel Review)There is a real danger that the emerging biofuels industry will be damaged by misunderstandings, according to BP. In a speech at Cambridge University last week (8th May), David Eyton, BP's Executive Sponsor for work with Cambridge said; "We believe that the global case for biofuels can and should be made."

He went on to outline the company's three part strategy to biofuels with; the establishment of a sugarcane to ethanol business in a joint venture in Brazil; the development of a joint venture with DuPont to produce biobutanol; and the development of lignocellulosic conversion technology in a joint venture in the USA.

Notably, Eyton made no mention in the speech of BP's development of Jatropha, which the company had been looking at in a joint venture with D1 Oils.

"Our focus", said Eyton, "is on biofuels done well - using feedstocks that minimize any impact on food production and technologies that lead to material greenhouse gas reductions. Both biobutanol and lignocellulosic ethanol are leading-edge advanced biofuel technologies and BP plans to be the first to produce commercial quantities over the next few years."

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