Monday, May 18, 2009

Brazil – Bio-diesel blending may sharply cut soy oil exports

A vegetable oils analyst said Brazil's plans to increase blending of local bio-diesel with diesel to 4% from 3% in July will sharply reduce its exports of soy oil, Dow Jones reports. He said price prospects for the soy complex are more bullish than palm oil. "If the new (biodiesel) mandate is confirmed and implemented, it will rule out any further exports of soy oil from Brazil during the second half of 2009," the head of vegetable oil purchasing at Indian conglomerate Godrej International said.

Brazil and Japan will cooperate in bio-fuel research, renewable energy and environmental issues, the Japanese Government said last week as it signed various bilateral agreements with Brazil, ADP News reports. Japan will provide technology for bio-ethanol development, surveys on carbon dioxide cycles in the Amazon rainforest, food security and others. The plan developed by the two countries will be carried out through to March 2011. EFE adds that Japan will contribute its knowledge and technology on bio-fuels made without using food as feedstock. (18 May 2009)

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