Thursday, May 14, 2009

Malaysia Is Still World\'s Main Producer Of Quality Palm Oil - Bernama

Wall $treet Trader 200012/05/2009 (Bernama), Sandakan - Malaysia is still the world's biggest exporter of quality palm oil with revenue of RM65 billion last year.

The director general of the Malaysian Palm Oil Board (MPOB) Datuk Dr Mohd Basri Wahid said compared to other exporting countries, Malaysia was known for its high quality palm oil.

"Indonesia is the world's largest producer of palm oil but it is Malaysia that leads the world as the exporter of quality palm oil.

"To ensure that the palm oil industry continues to stay resilient and competitive at the global level, all concerned should together maintain the good image and reputation of Malaysia's high quality palm oil as a food source," he said while officiating a seminar on Safety in Transportation of Palm Oil Products here today.

He said it was estimated that 75 percent of the total production of the country's palm oil last year of 21.76 million metric tonnes was exported.

In this respect, he said a proactive and quick response to requests and needs of importing countries was very important, particularly in ensuring the quality and the safety of palm oil products being exported.

Mohd Basri said continuing research as well as new, innovative technology must be supported with the assurance of quality and safety of products through the detection, prevention and quality control at every step of the palm oil supply chain.

"Indonesia, the country's closest competitor, has a comparatively bigger area under oil palm cultivation. Malaysia's palm oil industry needs to be competitive at the global level through the assurance of quality and safety for palm oil products.

"Malaysia's success in controlling the global market for quality palm oil needs to be defended and sustained through the regulatory aspect of the palm oil industry," he said.

Mohd Basri said misdeeds involving the industry, especially that related to pollution activities, will erode the trust and confidence of importing countries on the quality and safety of the country's palm oil products.

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