Monday, May 18, 2009

US - Baystate Biofuels to start construction of a bio-diesel terminal

In Massachusetts, Baystate Biofuels announced that construction of its biodiesel terminal in North Andover begin by end of this month with product ready to sell by summer’s end, BioFuels Digest reports.

Baystate Biofuels’ North Andover terminal will be the first full-scale commercial facility dedicated to bio-diesel distribution in Massachusetts, and will distribute bio-diesel to oil companies to blend with petroleum diesel as required by the state’s Clean Energy Biofuels Act of 2008.

Leaders of the House Agriculture Committee say they want changes to the RFS to stop what they say are unfair EPA measurements of ethanol's greenhouse gas emissions and ease limits on sources of biomass used to make renewable fuels, Environment & Energy Daily reports. A bill, which they introduced last week, revises the definition of lifecycle to exclude assessment of indirect land use changes and also puts the Energy and Agriculture Departments, rather than EPA, in charge of assessing lifecycle emissions.

Additionally, the bill changes the 2007 energy law’s definition of renewable biomass and replaces it with a far less restrictive definition lifted from the 2008 farm bill.

In Florida, PetroAlgae said that it believes it is the closest company to commercialization of micro crops as a bio-fuel, as it will complete its microcrop demonstration farm in Florida and will commence booking revenues from technology licenses this year, BioFuels Digest reports. The company said that it is in discussions with customers in China, India, Japan, Italy, Portugal, Spain, Germany, the UK, Singapore, Finland and the US. In March, the company announced that GTB Power had signed to use or sublicense PetroAlgae technology to construct and operate ten facilities in the China, Taiwan, and the Japanese island of Yonaguni.

Buffalo Biodiesel entered into a delivery contract for 1,000,000 lbs of high quality recycled bio-diesel feedstock in July with one of the largest bio-diesel producers in the North East, Market Wire reports. The contract will gross BBD in excess of $220,000. BBD completed the first contract of 750,000 lbs of high quality recycled bio-diesel feedstock in April and is in the process of fulfilling the second contract 1,000,000 lbs of high quality recycled bio-diesel feedstock in May. US commissioners will discuss applying for federal stimulus dollars to buy more public transit buses for the city and Kansas University, Lawrence Journal-World reports. Staff members recommend the city and university apply for $2.875 million in funding from the $100 million federal Transit Investments for Greenhouse Gas and Energy Reduction program.

The city wants $625,000 to buy five medium-duty bio-diesel/electric hybrid transit buses. Kansas University is seeking $2.25 million for six 40-foot bio-diesel transit buses. (18 May 2009)

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