Saturday, May 16, 2009

Philippines – Jatropha profitability

GreenGold Ray Energies shows its ever-evolving jatropha industry with increased profitability, Market Wire reports.

The 5-year Profit & Loss Statements starting in 2009 until 2015, projected a profit of around $4 million (2nd year) during the second full year of refining operation. The P & L showed an increase of profit from 2nd year thereafter: $4 million (2nd year); $21 million (3rd year); $38 million (4th year); and $115 million (5th year), having a very conservative estimate of a Loss from the first year, 2009.

GreenGold can make the company profitable within 6 months after the commencement of the full refining operation.

The installation, development and trouble-shooting period is estimated to take place within 3-6 months. In the 5-year P & L, the projection utilizes the 100% use of the jatropha plants as bio-diesel, as press cake and as residual use, like fertilizer

Studies showed that there is a larger market not only for bio-diesel, but also seedcakes, biomass and more.

GreenGold witnessed the increased profit and market size, new streams of revenue, and greater returns on investment. (14 May 2009)

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