Thursday, April 14, 2011

Storage, Handling and Transportation of Palm Oil Products

 The system and regulations applied on handling, storage and transport of palm oil products in Malaysia in.
  1.  Scope
    Applies to the handling, land transport and storage of products from palm and palm kernel including OPS, FFB, PK, PKC, crude and processed PO and crude processed PKO.

  2. Oil Palm Germinated Seeds
    1. Pre-Transportation Handling
    2. Transportation

  3. Fresh Fruit Bunches (FFB)
    1. Post Harvesting Handling
    2. Transport of FFB to the Mil
    3. Handling of FFB at the Palm Oil Mill

  4. Palm Kernel
    1. Handling and storage
    2. Transportation

  5. Palm Kernel Cake
    1. Storage at warehouse
    2. Transportation

  6. Palm Oil, Palm Kernel Oil And Their Product
    1. Storage and handling
    2. Operations
    3. Transportation of palm oil and palm kernel oil in lorry tankers

Palm Oil and Small ChopFruit and Vegetables: Harvesting, Handling and StorageGrain Handling and Storage (Developments in Agricultural Engineering, Vol 4)World-Class Warehousing and Material HandlingAssessing Loads on Silos and Other Bulk Storage Structures: Research Applied to Practice

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