Wednesday, June 16, 2010

UK-based AAK introduces Akofluid Pumpable Shortening from sustainable palm oil for bakers

15/06/2010 (FnB News) - UK-based AAK, part of AarhusKarlshamn group and supplier of edible oils and fats, has introduced a new product to help commercial bakers meet consumer demand for sustainable palm oil in their food.

The company has redeveloped its "Akofluid Pumpable Shortening," which is a blend of rapeseed and palm oils.

The product's palm oil content was fully certified as being from sustainable sources. It would offer additional benefits such as reduced waste packaging and handling costs and would help meet the FSA's guidelines on saturated fat content, the company said.

AAK has been supplying RSPO certified sustainable palm oil to European manufacturers since November 2008, and has since worked continuously with customers to research and develop products suitable for various manufacturing applications. Judith Murdoch of AAK, said, "Akofluid is the product many bakers & food manufacturers have been waiting for as not only does it offer several clear benefits, including saturated fat reduction, but it also means they can show consumers they are playing their part in tackling the problems associated with unsustainable palm oil."

sustainable palm oil

The company also claims that the new product had already become popular for its fat reduction properties.

The use of liquid oils, which contain lower levels of saturated fat than palm oil, means Akofluid's saturated fat content is as low as 15% - less than half that typically found in standard block shortening or bread fats, the company said in a press release. "Consumers are increasingly concerned about the impact of palm oil production on the rain forests in Asia and the subsequent threat to endangered species such as the orang-utan. Palm oil is present in about 40% of supermarket items, from bread and confectionery to soap and detergents and many of these products use a blend or fraction of palm that is not currently available in a sustainable form," Murdoch said.

The new product is developed for use in cake mixes and short-crust pastry for pie and quiche bases. "Until now, the shortening used in many pastries and breads has fallen into that category, which is why it was a priority for AAK to develop a sustainable version of our Akofluid Pumpable," he added.

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