Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Indonesia – Call for eco-friendly palm oil plantations

The Indonesian’s Agriculture Minister has called for continued development of eco-friendly and sustainable oil palm plantations in view of the good prospects for the palm oil market and the significant role they play in promoting economic development, Asia Pulse reports.

He said the Indonesian government itself in its effort to maintain sustainability of its palm oil industry had issued several decisions such as erasing export tax, making bio-fuel mandatory, bearing cooking oil sales tax and campaigning for the development of sustainable oil palm plantations.

A senior consultant at Nexant Asia, said that non-food feedstocks for biofuel production would improve both food and energy security, TheBioenergySite News reports. She told the Indonesia Biofuel Conference 2009 in Jakarta that the most suitable sources of bio-fuels were jatropha or physic nut, a hardy plant that is drought and pest resistant; sweet sorghum; and marine algae.

"So far, jatropha is widely cultivated in India, China and some countries in Africa and Southeast Asia, while sweet sorghum is grown in Australia, Asia and Latin America," she said. (23 January 2009)

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